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Intex Krystal Clear Filter Pumps and Filter Pump Systems for Intex Easy Set, Pools, Frame Set Pools and Ultra Set Frame Pools
Intex filter pumps and filter pump systems including Intex Krystal Clear Models 12, 12R, 51, 51R, 520, 520R, 603, 623, 637, 635, 633, 621, 56603, 56637, 56635, 56633, 56621, 56831, 56833 as well as the new Intex Krystal Clear Sand filter pump systems and salt water filter pump systems

Many Intex filter pumps work with My Sunshine and Sand N Sun swimming pools. you will be able to find all your Intex filters, filter pumps, fitler cartridges and more as well as filter pump parts and accessories for the Wet Set, Easy Set, Frame Set, Ultra Frame pools and other pools from Intex here

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